Charger Connectivity
We ensure the highly available and encrypted connection of your chargers to your CPMS and apps.
Secure communication
Secure mobile connection of your charger landscape
Chargers and wallboxes represent a distributed IT landscape that brings its own challenges in terms of secure connectivity and communication.
With our charger Connectivity Service, we ensure end-to-end encrypted communication from the mobile network APN to your CPMS, applications and company network.
Global connection
Secure communication in all directions
Communication in your charger network can also contain personal data and must be protected against manipulation and access. With the help of our VPN and firewall infrastructure, we connect all your components securely and in encrypted form.
Mobile APN connection
Connection of the APNs of your mobile phone providers via VPN to the Exolink platform.
Connection of your CPMS provider and your company network via VPN to the Exolink platform.
SaaS-Tools via SSL
Connection of SaaS tools and web applications via SSL encryption.
Direct Connect to AWS and Azure
Direct integration of your chargers via Direct Connect to your cloud infrastructure on AWS or Azure
How to reach us personally
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