Charger Asset
Record your charging park assets clearly in our charging park management as an extension to your charge point management system.
Innovation for your charging business
The perfect addition to your CPMS
You already have all the basic data for your charging park in your backend provider's charge point management system (CPMS) and you're wondering what added value our Charger Asset Management offers you?
That's a good question, and we've got the answer: If you want to build new business models with Exolink, other applications will certainly also need access to the master data of your charging parks - access that may not be possible via your CPMS.
That's why you can use our asset management to make all master data available to all applications and interfaces via Exolink to exploit the full potential of your charger data.
Simple access to your charger master data
Make your charger master data, such as model, location and ID, accessible to all workflows, applications and systems and thus transform your digital charger infrastructure.
Extensive API
Flexibly integrate your charger master data into workflows or with your other applications and systems.
Intuitive web interface
Maintain your data via the intuitive and simple web interface.

Expand Asset Management individually with your own additional data, fields and asset types.
Keep the overview
Manage your charging park
With our Charger Asset Management, we provide you with a tool for recording your entire charger landscape. All information is customizable and can be tailored to your needs. Just imagine the unlimited possibilities - from basic data to features that your charging park offers:
Charger type
Serial number
Usage data
Plug type
Payment options
Maintenance overview
Parking monitoring
Barrier-free charging
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