OCPP Broker
Worldwide high-performance and highly available OCPP endpoint and proxy for your chargers and wallboxes.
Flexibility and agility
The perfect addition to your backend systems
With the OCPP Broker, you decouple the chargers from the restrictions of your backend system and get your own highly available OCPP endpoint for all your chargers and wallboxes, whether it's for 10 or tens of thousands.
You continue to use your backend system as usual, but instead of the OCPP address of your backend provider, you store the OCPP address of Exolink in your chargers and the address of your backend provider in Exolink. This makes testing new backend providers, using different backends for different charger groups or developing your own backend child's play.
One endpoint for all chargers and wallboxes
The OCPP Broker: Highly available OCPP endpoint, OCPP proxy and protocol translator to HTTPS and MQTT for the integration and connection of any backends, CPMS or ERP systems. The OCPP Broker doesn't compete with your backend systems, but increases flexibility in dealing with them.
OCPP endpoint
The OCPP Broker independently maintains the WebSocket connection to the chargers and OCPP backends.
Multi-protocol support
The Exolink OCPP Broker supports OCPP versions 1.2, 1.5, 1.6 out of the box.
Decoder / Encoder
OCPP to the Charger and HTTP/S or MQTT to your applications. No problem with our encoder.
Charger groups
Group chargers as desired and then treat them differently, e.g. for labs or pilot systems .
Encrypted connection
Connect your chargers to the OCPP Broker via Secure WebSocket or VPN.
Connect Workflow Engine
Switch on our workflow engine to work directly with your charger data.
More flexibility
OCPP proxy to the backend
The OCPP Broker integrates easily between your chargers and backends. With the protocol transcoder active, you can also connect applications without OCPP functionality.
This allows you to implement billing from SAP or control chargers from your asset management system, for example.
Structure for your Charger Park
Charger groups
The virtual assignment of chargers to groups is one of the most powerful features of the OCPP Broker. Chargers can be handled differently without a single change to the settings on the charger itself. Examples of groups could be a lab group for tests, a maintenance group for all chargers currently undergoing maintenance, chargers from specific manufacturers or groups for individual major customers.
More than just OCPP
OCPP Encoder / Decoder
With the encoder/decoder function, you can connect your Charger to any application or app, even if it does not speak OCPP or you deliberately don't want to implement OCPP.
The OCPP Broker Encoder / Decoder makes it easy to transfer from OCPP to HTTP/S or MQTT.
Endless possibilities
Connect workflow engine
You can integrate workflow engines into a charger group at the click of a mouse, opening up almost infinite possibilities for integrating your chargers into your IT landscape and building completely new business models.
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