EV Charge Point OCPP Platform
The easiest way to connect charge points with your software.
Exolink OCPP broker Platform
In most cases, as an EV charge point operator, you will have to deal with different devices, your own software and with different back-end providers for billing. This is now further compounded by different roaming providers and your own needs regarding the management of the chargers and the processing of OCPP data for e.g. charge management.
Gain indepence with your own secure endpoint for your chargers
Connect thousands of chargers, with multiple back-ends and apps
Get flexibility in handling and analyzing your data
How to connect 10.000 charge points in 10 countries
Read more about how we implemented and operate a platform to connect more than 10.000 charge points in 10 european countries with our cloud infrastructure.
Feature suite for EV-charger connectivity
The Exolink OCPP broker is a turnkey charger proxy solution built upon the Exolink enterprise integration platform and can be extended and customized according your needs.
OCPP broker
Full OCPP suite for all charger functions with bidirectional end-to-end OCPP communication between charger and backend.
MQTT broadcasting
Distribute live information from chargers or transactions to customer apps, portals or management systems via MQTT.
Data analytics connect
Connect big data analytics and prediction services such as Azure or AWS Data Lakes or Snowflake for intelligent charge management.
REST API components to translate transactions from customer apps and management systems into OCPP to interact with the chargers.
Charger inventory
Connect your charger inventory via API, file or database and create charger groups for different processing.
Data flexibility
Normalize or modify the differences in OCPP data from different charger manufacturers for optimized processing in back-end systems.
APN Tunnels
We connect to your mobile service providers worldwide with private tunnels.
A solution for productive operation and prototyping
Due to the flexibility of the Exolink platform, the OCPP Broker is suitable for fast and cost-effective prototype development as well as for the highly available connection of productive charging networks - for small charger networks as well as for thousands of chargers in several countries.
Rapid prototype development
With an OCPP Broker Standard instance, you can start the rapid development of new functions and prototypes.
€220 per month
Highly available productive operation
The OCPP Broker platform is suitable for starting with a small network of 5-10 charging stations as well as for connecting tens of thousands of charging stations in different countries.
from € 480 per month 1,900 € one-time setup fee
OCPP Broker Professional Services
Setting up a OCPP platform is mission critical for your enterprises. Therefore, we support you with the implementation according to your needs.