E-Mobility Workflow Engine
Never before have you tested and productively implemented new functions and business models for your charging business so quickly.
Faster to e-mobility 2.0
Develop individual charging and business processes
Our visual workflow designer enables the rapid implementation of pilots as well as the implementation of highly available process workflows for productive operation. And all without any programming knowledge.
From the separate processing of certain charger groups, testing of new business models, further processing of OCPP data to the connection of almost all software tools with API. Your time-to-market has never been so short.
Integrated Charging
Low-code workflows for your chargers
Our workflow engine with the associated designer is an enterprise-ready Charger integration platform. With the help of component tiles and connectors, you can build the process or data flow you need for your use case.
No programming knowledge required
Quickly create workflows and integrations without programming knowledge. JavaScript knowledge helps to exploit the full potential.
Web-based visual workflow designer
Our comprehensive component library allows you to create complex workflows by dragging and dropping, connecting and configuring.
Predefined workflow
With our predefined templates, which you can expand as you want, you'll be able to create solutions even faster.
Copy, duplicate and version your workflows
At the click of a mouse, you can copy and duplicate workflows to run new tests and try things out or outsource functions to modules.
Easy roll-back to previous workflow versions
Implement company-wide deployment processes for your workflows, including staging environment and rollbacks.
Code and template modules for integrating your own code
Process more complex data with user-defined JavaScript functions and visualize your data with HTML templates.
The power of components
Hundreds of components provide functions
Each component fulfils a predefined purpose and can be viewed as a function of your workflow applications. By linking the various components, you can map even complex data flows of your charger data in the shortest possible time.
Finally integrated chargers and wallboxes
The days when chargers and wallboxes were only connected to your backend provider and processed from there manually or via exports are finally over.
With our workflow engine, you can integrate your charger infrastructure into all the tools and processes that are important for your business – before the data ends up with your backend provider.
Connect any application that has a REST API
If the applications you use have a REST API, you can connect them via our Universal Connector.
Integrate IoT with WebSockets, OCPP and MQTT
Prefabricated connectors enable connection to all common IoT devices, bridges, backends and web services.
Provide data via your own API
Provide data yourself via a REST API or receive data from forms or applications via WebHooks.
Read and write in databases and file storages
Read and write to/from a variety of databases and file storages such as MySQL, NoSQL, S3 and SFTP.
Connect public cloud services from AWS, Azure or GCP
Integrate the wide range of services from AWS, Azure or Google Cloud into your workflows.
Globally available
Simplify and automate complex processes
With extensive logic, helper and automation components, you can realize any e-mobility and charging business case.
Manual trigger
Simply test workflows and trigger them manually if required.
Trigger workflows at intervals or according to schedules.
React to external events by calling webhooks in your workflow.
User actions as triggers
Processing of data and events transmitted by users via apps, transactions on the charger or other actions in applications.
If/Then constructs
Create simple or complex if/then constructions.

Repeat workflows, lists or objects iteratively.

Data formats
XML, CSV, JSON - Decode, encode or transform between structured data formats.
Duplicate data streams
Duplicate data for further processing.
Perform simple arithmetic functions on your data.
Merge different data streams.
Lists and arrays
Change, read, add and delete data objects in lists, arrays and objects.
Text features
Perform basic string operations.
Virtual connectors
Modularize and organize your workflows by using virtual connectors.
How to reach us personally
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