Charge Point Analytics
With prefabricated OCPP data flows and a state-of-the-art cloud-native Data Lakehouse, you get a flexible and high-performance solution for all your data analytics needs.
All data in one place
Exolink meets
Have you regained control over the dataflow of your charging stations with Exolink and now you want to generate insights from these assets? Are you facing technical challenges such as scalability, storage and data governance?
Become cloud-native with an analytics platform on Microsoft Azure and use the possibilities of a state-of-the-art data lakehouse based on Databricks! This allows you to process your OCPP data easily, quickly and cost-effectively, regardless of whether you're connecting 100 or 100,000 charging stations.
Become cloud-native and stop worrying about scaling, regardless of whether you operate 100 or 100,000 charging stations.
Use our ready-made OCPP dataflows and generate insights from your data immediately!
A data lakehouse with Databricks is your central workspace for the entire data team.
Welcome to your New Home of Data
Data Lakehouse for OCPP-Analytics
With pre-built OCPP dataflows and a state-of-the-art cloud-native data lakehouse, you get a flexible and high-performance solution for all your data analytics needs. We'll accompany you on your journey and welcome you to your New Home of Data.
Data Lakehouse
Combine the flexibility of a data lake with the stability of a Data Warehouse without being tied to proprietary data types.
OCPP Dataflows
With ready-made OCPP dataflows, your OCPP messages end up fully prepared in a stably structured data warehouse.
Data Governance
Protect sensitive data with Unity Catalog by Databricks. This means that every user only sees exactly what they are allowed to see.
Data Democratization
Bring the data to the users who need it. Bottlenecks are eliminated with Unity Catalog and Delta Sharing.

Unified workspace
The Databricks Workspace becomes the new home of your data team. Whether they're working with dataflows, machine learning experiments or BI dashboards, everyone works together here.
Partner connect
Connect your data Lakehouse with BI suites, data ingestion tools and other services, all with just a few clicks.
Data engineering
Use the full power of Apache Spark to set up streaming jobs, dataflows and data quality checks, and build your Data warehouse.
Data science
Use the flexibility of the Data Lakehouse and create feature stores, train and manage ML models and let their output flow directly into the data warehouse.
Data analytics
Take advantage of the stability of the data warehouse and create Spark SQL queries and up-to-date BI dashboards or connect your existing BI tools directly to Databricks.
Get there quickly!
OCPP dataflow
You can get started straight away with our ready-made OCPP dataflows:
Analytics dashboards
Create analytics dashboards in which charger downtime, station usage or a summary of the current power flow of all your charging stations are visible.
Stable warehousing
Benefit from clean and stable warehousing that allows you to instantly access transaction runs, filter by charger details or find charging stations with missing messages.
Extend flow individually
Extend the flow with your own ideas and machine learning models with guaranteed clean and carefully prepared data. Guaranteed headache-free.
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