How it works
Providing enterprise API and workflow automation with the Exolink low-code platform.
Building robust digital processes and APIs with low-code
The following guide will walk you through the basic features and elements to build a very simple workflow on the Exolink platform. The use case for this example might be to get data from an SaaS application and publish it to the company´s intranet.
A trigger or event to start the process
In this workflow there are two triggers. An HTTP server component that provides a simple web server under a defined path and for testing a manual trigger that triggers by clicking the black square.
Retrieve data by calling a web service
The "Call Webservice" component executes a simple HTTP GET request against the API of an SaaS service, arriving as nested JSON.
Manipulate the data
Since we only want to process part of the SaaS service's feedback data, we pull it from the nested JSON in a code component via a simple JavaScript command and convert the string into a JSON object.
Render the data into an HTML template
Using an HTML page template component to format the output, we pass the data to a page renderer component that fills the HTML page with the data based on the template.
Output data
An HTTP response component is used to output the HTML page via the HTTP server component to the requestee.
The power of components
Hundreds of components abstract the complexity of functional logic.
Each component fulfills a predefined purpose and can be considered as a function of its workflow applications. By linking the various components, you are able to map even complex workflows in a very short time.
Streamline your complex processes
Automate complex processes with our comprehensive logic and data transformation components.
Build simple or complex if/then constructs.
Iterate over workflow parts, lists or objects.
Decode, encode or transform between structured data formats.
Duplicate data for additional processing.
Run simple arithmetic functions over your data.
Merge different data streams.
Lists and arrays
Change, retrieve, add and delete data objects in lists, array and objects.
Run basic string functions.
Virtual wires
Modularize and organize your workflows by using virtual wires.
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Finally a low-code integration platform for developers and IT departments that allows them to solve the needs of their customers faster.
Connect and integrate any API
Integrate a wide variety of data sources – from web services to databases and forms to IoT devices.
Automate data-driven workflows
Automate workflows across applications and clouds with event triggers or schedules.
Build mini apps for your business