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Sustainable on the go
Sustainability is a central element of our corporate strategy, our corporate culture and our values. As a medium-sized company, we take our responsibility to contribute to change and improvement very seriously within the sphere of influence that is possible for us.
It is important to us to make an impact where we have the greatest leverage. For us, this means that we focus our commitment on environmental protection – with a focus on CO2 reduction - and on digital education and media literacy projects for children.
We believe that electromobility is an important building block for a more sustainable and cleaner future. With our E-Mobility Cloud, we are driving the spread of electromobility forward.
Means for us
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We report comprehensively and transparently on our diverse sustainability activities and planned measures in our annual sustainability reports.
We hope you enjoy reading them!
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Awards & Memberships
We have received several awards for our corporate culture and our measures to reconcile family, care and work.