E-mobility cloud for charging points
Exolink is the e-mobility cloud platform for connecting, integrating and analyzing chargers and wallboxes regardless of which backend provider, business model or charging station manufacturer you use.
Platform for charging point operators
Simple complete solution for connecting charging stations
The Exolink OCPP platform offers a globally high-performance endpoint for your charging stations and the flexible and individual processing of your data. Be it direct communication with backends, the implementation of individual business models and processes, or the evaluation of your charging data using analytics or machine learning.
Independence from individual backend providers thanks to your own highly available OCPP endpoint.
Simple connection of individual to an infinite number of charging stations to any applications, APIs or interfaces without having to implement OCPP yourself.
Flexibility in handling and analyzing your load data without having to implement OCPP yourself.
Globally highly available
Why Exolink?
We are experts in setting up and operating critical IT infrastructures. With the Exolink platform, you are relying on a highly available and automatically scaling cloud platform that is in productive use at various retail network operators.
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of the platform
Booster for your e-mobility business
Our solutions
Our solutions accelerate the implementation of your individual charging business model. Whether B2B, B2C, public charging networks or private wallboxes, your own backend system or the use of backend providers and regardless of which charging station manufacturer you want to use.
OCPP Broker
Highly available OCPP endpoint, OCPP proxy and protocol translator to HTTP/S and MQTT for the integration and connection of any backends, CPMS or ERP systems.
Charger Analytics
Analysis of Charger data using connectors for Azure, AWS, Databricks, Snowflake, etc., as well as provision of dashboards and support for machine learning models.
Workflow Engine
Our integrated visual workflow designer enables the rapid implementation of business models through the low-code implementation of data and workflows.
Charger Connectivity
Everything you need for the mobile connection of your chargers. From SIM cards for pilot projects to the encrypted connection to the APNs of your mobile phone providers.
Charger Monitoring
As a charging station operator, good functionality of your chargers is of great importance to you. To achieve this goal, our Charger Monitoring supports you with the following functions: Notification in the event of failures or anomalies, improved user experience through latency monitoring as well as data recording and data analysis.
Charger Asset Management
The perfect addition to your CPMS: If you want to build new business models with Exolink, other applications will certainly also need access to the master data of your charging parks - access that may not be possible via your CPMS. This is why you can use our asset management to make all master data available to all applications and interfaces via Exolink in order to exploit the full potential of your charger data.
Paving the way for your business
Consulting & Development
An integrated charging business model consists of much more than just charging points and building applications. To create real differentiation and added value, the charging points must be integrated into a modern digital concept.
At Exolink, we combine three valuable skills under one roof: OCPP and charging know-how, more than 20 years of expertise in IT and cloud architecture and in-house software development expertise. With this know-how, we support you in the implementation of individual digital projects related to your e-mobility and charging business.
Enterprise Ready
For more than 20 years, we have been familiar with the needs of companies for the professional use of cloud platforms and offer a comprehensive set of functions for the use of Exolink in a professional corporate context.
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Dedicated customer success management
Access management
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