Use Exolink to connect your charge points to the world: The easiest way to connect backends, apps or any software to your chargers.
Connect and manage +10,000 chargers in 10 countries
Case Study
Read more about what a flexible, highly available infrastructure for connecting more than 10,000 chargers looks like in our case study.
Getting Started!
The Exolink documentation provides you with all the information, instructions and best practices you need to optimize your charger landscape with Exolink.
Status page
The availability of the connection to your chargers is essential for a good user experience for your customers. We know this, which is why you can always find the status of all services live on our status page.
At a glance
Our Whitepaper offers you a quick overview of the most important solutions of the Exolink E-Mobility Cloud as a PDF.
Webinars and more
On our YouTube channel, you can find video tutorials and webinar recordings on all exciting topics related to the Exolink E-Mobility Cloud.