One platform for all your data integration projects
Deliver impressively fast solutions for your business with our enterprise-grade integration platform.
Exolink is a low-code Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service specifically for developers and IT staff
Our visual flow designer enables the quick implementation of workflows without programming knowledge. Our logic, operator and code modules give users the freedom to program when customization is needed.
As a Platform as a Service, you hit deploy and your workflow, API or mini-app are online. We take care of the operation and scaling.
Connect (almost) everything
Combine different data sources and targets into one workflow.
... and many more.
Connect any SaaS app that has a REST API
If the SaaS apps you use have a REST API, you can connect them via our universal connector.
Integrate IoT with WebSockets, OCPP & MQTT
Prebuilt connectors enable all common IoT devices, bridges, back ends and web services to be connected.
Provide endpoints via webhooks and REST
Provide data yourself via a REST API or receive data from forms or applications via webhooks.
Communicate with databases
Read and write to a wide variety of databases such as MySQL and NoSQL.
Access files
Integrate data from files on S3 or SFTP storage.
Connect AWS, Azure and GCP
Integrate the vast array of services from AWS, Azure or Google Cloud into your workflows.
Authenticate users and secure access to your data
Protect third-party hosted data and APIs.
Use multiple authentication mechanisms in one workflow
Combine services with different authentication methods as needed.
Access all APIs with standard auth mechanisms
We support all standard authorization mechanisms such as OAuth, Token or Basic Auth as well as protocol-specific methods.
Protect SaaS auth tokens by translating them into internal tokens
Through our central token store, you can conveniently manage all API tokens in one central location and share access via your own tokens with development teams without having to distribute the original token from the external platform.
Restrict external data and APIs via policies
You can control access to APIs and data in a fine-grained way via policy components.
Utilize and connect your existing access management
You can integrate existing access management concepts by connecting your LDAP or Active Directory.
Enterprise low-code made for IT
A platform made especially for IT staff.
No programming skills needed
Quickly build workflows and integrations without deep programming knowledge. Unleash the full potential if you are a sysadmin and know how to write scripts.
Web-based visual flow designer
Our comprehensive library of components empowers you to build complex workflows by drag, drop, connect and configure.
Predefined workflow templates
You can build even faster solutions with our predefined templates, which you can extend as you wish.
Copy, duplicate and version your workflows
Modularize workflows and reuse them over and over again.
Easy rollback to previous workflow versions
Implement enterprise deployment processes for your workflows including staging environment and rollbacks.
Code and template modules for writing your own code