Proactively learn about failures and anomalies by permanently of failures and anomalies.
Always keep an eye on your chargers
Smooth operation of your charging points
As a charging station operator, you need your charger to function well. To achieve this goal, our Charger Monitoring supports you with the following functions:
Notification of failures or anomalies
Mobile network down or charging station damaged? Our system informs you proactively about error messages of any kind or about deviations from your previously defined KPIs.
Increase user experience through latency monitoring
Always keep an eye on the response times of your chargers and be informed about time delays between request (show charging card) and response (start charging process) of your chargers. This ensures customer satisfaction through fast response times from your chargers.
Data recording and data analysis
All important charging infrastructure data is automatically recorded and stored so that a detailed data analysis can be carried out in the event of failures or anomalies. We are happy to support you with our expertise in evaluating your data.
All data in view
Clearly structured dashboard
View all important data from your charging infrastructure in real time on a dashboard to immediately identify potential failures or anomalies. We offer you the following options:
Predefined standard checks
Get started right away and select the dashboard that suits your needs! For example, you can see how many of your chargers are currently connected or see at a glance if there are any current problems.
Configuration of individual checks
Configure your dashboard according to your needs and display only the information that is optimal for your operational processes.
Receive updates via the channel of your choice and integrate notifications individually into your maintenance process. Choose between email, SMS, API call or MQTT.
How to reach us personally
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